Surrounding area

The house is located in the idyllic Valmarecchia (Marecchia) valley in the Region of Romagna, it is only 45km away from Rimini.

Villa Maindi is a small village 65 m above sea level, enjoying magnificent views of the medieval town of Pennabilli, 2.5km away.
In Pennabilli there are several bars, restaurants (one of them Michelin-starred), pizzerias, and an outstanding ice-cream parlour in the town piazza. There are also 3 grocery stores, 2 butchers and a newspaper kiosk. Visit the piazza on a Saturday morning and you will discover an excellent farmer’s market, and you will find similar fresh produce in the surrounding Via Romana. Further shopping options (e.g. a fish shop) can be found in Novafeltria, 15km away, where there is also a farmer’s market, on Mondays.

The upper varecchia valley

Surrounded by Tuscany, Romagna and San Marino, the Upper Marecchia Valley (Alta Valmarecchia) acquired its distinctive shape from its river.

The Upper Marecchia Valley was formerly part of the northern territory of the Marche, in the Province of Pesaro and Urbino. However, in 2009, after a referendum, it came under the administration of the Province of Rimini, and so the Upper Marecchia Valley became part of Romagna.
The valley expands from “Centralapennin” down to Rimini, through the heart of the “romagnic” coast, alternating between soft loamy hills and random sand- and chalk foothills.
This disputed border region boasts monumental art treasures, which are among the most striking in Italy. It surpasses many other regions, with its impressive castles, its walled villages crested by towers, its quietly sublime churches, and its various houses, large and small, of the major families of Montefeltro and Malatesta.
The Upper Valmarecchia Valley – which has expanded its attractive tourist facilities in recent years – is the heart of the ancient Montefeltro. Since ancient times it has attracted many famous and illustrious men, who have come here to live and work, from Dante to St. Francis, and Cagliostro to Ezra Pound. The valley offers a varied natural landscape, some of it untamed and inaccessible for any but the fit. There are dense forests, which are the habitat of a rich fauna, and in the forests are panoramic balconies, where one may see the distant horizon of the sea. Another boon for those who love nature is the natural park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello. Ranging over 4847 hectares, it is located in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, 50% of the park within the municipality of Pennabilli.
Over time, many events have become an integral part of the local calendar, adding to the attraction of this part of Italy. There is the truffle fair and the Christmas market in Sant’Agata Feltria, the pit cheese and chestnut fair in Talamello, the feast of bread in Maiolo, the Prugnolofeast in Miratoio, the antiques fair and the festival of street artists in Pennabilli, and the fair of polenta and wild berries in Perticara.